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Grissell Carron
Transformational Yoga Teacher.
Yoga Entrepreneur. 


"Always Love, Never Fear. Do whatever it takes to raise the Courage to transform Fear into Action"

Grissell is a dedicated Transformational Yoga Teacher with an artful evolving yoga style.  She had her first powerful yoga experience in 2002 after her boyfriend, at the time, had a tragic accident where he lost his right leg. Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama helped them cope with the trauma and transformed their life. The relationship came to an end, but today they both practice Yoga and live a healthy lifestyle.


Inspired by the lessons learned and the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience Grissell started teaching Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2013.

She integrates a balanced sequence that blends physicality, mindfulness, moderation and personal empowerment. Her focus is on intentional breath, form, integrity, energizing transitions, core activation and eye-opening alignment instruction.

Grissell created Brava Yoga as a vehicle for her own vision, a modern and life-changing approach to Yoga at an energetic level. Her Powerful Yoga Experiences, invite her students to open up to a true sense of awareness, calibration with Nature and deep listening of the Heart. She is known for creating a magnetic sense of community and healing through courageous vulnerability and unity. Her International Yoga Retreats have become the reset and fuel of hundreds of participants who get to experience a sense of energetic peak states of gratitude, inner strength, high-frequency emotion and bravery to take control of whatever process they are going through in life and transform it with sustainability. 

Legacy Lululemon Ambassador
Instagram @bravayoga

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