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September 26, 2022

I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Grissell for the past several years. She has mentioned her Costa Rica retreat and always encouraged me to go but I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t go — expired passport, already have vacation planned, timing isn’t right…but maybe next year! Excuses! Excuses! Maybe the timing wasn’t right…until NOW. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect except that I would be going to Costa Rica by myself for a yoga retreat, eating healthier, and practicing yoga — and ALOT of it — which was fine by me. 


What I experienced was something beyond my expectations. It was a life changing experience for me. I learned a lot about myself on and OFF the mat.


I came to Blue Spirit mentally worn down from the last few years. I’d given so much of myself to my family and others that I had nothing left to give myself. The simple, quiet beauty of the Blue Spirit property, the daily yoga practices, group discussions, clean eating, and the sense of community gave me a safe haven to say it was okay to give back to myself. I discovered things about myself — some not so good — but mostly good. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was there for a purpose: to heal, to give myself grace, self- empowerment, and to get out of my comfort zone.


The retreat participants came from different places but there were a few familiar faces from home. Although from various walks of life, I learned in small group discussions that there was at least one common thread.There was a lot of nodding in agreement and many “me too” moments!


I returned home renewed, restored, empowered, and a newfound sense of peace.


I hadn’t been back to yoga class post-Covid but I was like “How LUCKY am that I am able to come home to practice with Grissell while others just had a ONE week with her.” I made a promise to myself that I would go back to class. And oh how I have missed going to class.


Thank you, Grissell! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your heart, your passion for yoga, and your passion to help others. You have such a gift and I am beyond blessed to know you! 


August 29, 2019

The week in Costa Rica with Grissell was the best gift I have given to myself in years.  The yoga and meditation practices grounded me, energized me and helped me become more fully in touch with my inner experience.  Grissell brought her full self to guide, teach and nurture, and I left the week feeling extraordinarily cared for.  As I returned home to a busy personal and professional life, I maintained the sense of groundedness and calm that Grissell cultivated throughout the week. From silent walks on the beach to beautiful yoga practices  to journaling to healthy and delicious food, I can attest that this week was a transformational experience.

Denise Shells
August 12, 2019
The Brava Yoga Retreat is the retreat that keeps on giving.  I've been home for a week and I still long for the daily group meditations, yoga practices, and the companionship of like minded people.

Grissell is a wonderful facilitator.  Her mantra of: "Your body, your yoga" kept me tuned into my own practice and what I was capable of on any given day. The group journaling sessions served  as a tool for connecting with other yogi's and allowing space for authentic sharing.  


My favorite activity was silent meditation on the beach.  This allowed me to connect with the sights, sounds, and energy of nature, first thing in the morning.

It's evident, Grissell loves what she does and still lovingly guides us, even though, we are home in different towns.  I'm already thinking about returning next year.


Stephanie L Jackson
August 12, 2019
I have "done" yoga for years but it truly wasn't until I met Grissell & attended her retreat that I actually learned how to PRACTICE yoga, build strength not just flexibility, breathe with more fluidity & meditate through my practice. It has changed everything regarding my approach and what I want to achieve when practicing...THANK YOU!!

Molly and Eric Moyer
August 12, 2019

My husband and I returned for our second yoga vacation with Grissell and we weren't disappointed.  You can tell that Grissell put a lot of thought and work to make sure that we grew as yogis and people.  She is a gifted instructor who delivers a practice that will challenge you mentally and physically.  She teaches you to believe in yourself and realize how strong you are.  The discussions we have are thought-provoking and reflective.  We are better people for knowing and working with Grissell.



Angelic Acevedo Ranck 
July 24, 2018

This was the most awesome yoga retreat! Loved the remote location, a bit of jungle by the beach. Total peace and wonderful food! Going back next year!!

Ricardo Jimenez
July 24, 2018
The most relaxing, fulfilling and learning experience that you will ever have. Grissell it’s an incredible teacher that can read what you need without you saying it. I’ll be back next year.

Joan Davidson Gammercone
July 1, 2018

Grissell is fantastic! She is a motivator and encourages to those who are not the most graceful and flexible in yoga!

Kristine Gnodle Alexander

June 24, 2018

I never really practiced yoga until Grissell started teaching at the Wellness Center 4 years ago. She is one of the most authentic & caring human beings I have had the privilege to get to know. She brought a sense of community to our class and I’m so grateful for the relationships I have made in and out of the classroom. Although I have not been able to attend the Costa Rica Retreat, I have heard nothing BUT wonderful things and hope to attend one of her retreats in the future. You will not find a more generous and caring person:who is as passionate about yoga! Grissell is simply THE BEST! 

Lin Zhu
June 15, 2018
I practiced with Grissell for less than 4 years and I am so glad that I tried on very first class with her by accident on an special yin and yang yoga class at the wellness center. Since that very first class with her, I barely missed any of her classes in the next several years and I could not afford to miss her classes mentally and physically. Love to flow in her class everytime and love to sweat in her classes. Learned one of the biggest lessons from her class is to practice from your heart not from your mind. I continue to look for every possible opportunity to practice with Grissell no matter where she is!



Scott Morreale 
June 8, 2018
Grisell is excellent! I am the worst 235 pound yogi...ever. I have taken Bikram Yoga for many years...I am still horrible at it. But I keep trying! I am used to static poses. Hot Vinyasa Flow is a big challenge for me. Grisell will challenge you. You will benefit significantly from her classes. If you have never taken yoga or are on the fence about where to go...let me save you some time and energy...take her classes! ...She's that good! No two classes are the same...every class focuses on something new and different. Hey Miami...this is your girl. Tampa's loss is your gain! A very talented and introspective woman, who lives what she teaches. Thank you Grissell! Godspeed!....Namaste!


Janice S. Evans 
June 8, 2018
Grissell has a wonderful spirit! She guides and encourages us to be mindful of our intentions both on and off the mat. Thank you for your energy and wisdom!


Jennifer Huang 
June 6, 2018
Grisell is an amazing yoga teacher! Her classes have transformed me not only physically stronger, most importantly is mentally strong...


Jennifer Trevino  
June 5, 2018
Grissell is wonderful. I have had the fortune of learning and practicing yoga with her for the past couple of years and she has helped me learn so much about myself. You may think you are going just for yoga but she brings so much more to the mat and will draw it out of you to help you realize how much you are capable of achieving physically, mentally & emotionally. She is positive and inspirational. Any chance you get to experience yoga with Grissell is an honor and time well spent.


Natalie G. Oven 
June 5, 2018 
The most life changing instructor. It’s yoga on and off the mat. She is a wonderful spirit. Definitely go to her class. Will be well worth your time.


Amy Sias Stephenson 
June 3, 2018
She is authenticity, she is light, she is positivity...

So much of yoga is devoting the whole of yourself, mind and body...but the other part is direction and inspiration...and Grissel is beautifully both. There is always a kind of simplicity in her way, the choice of asanas, etc...but so much depth in her instruction and style...this leads to intense practice and the shedding of so many layers...Each day on that mat I become a better version of myself. It has been a true journey already...and it’s only the beginning...Thank you, friend, for helping me find “my joy” 


Julie Omodio-Griess
June 3, 2018
I feel so blessed to have practiced with Grissell. Her classes were always challenging and inspirational and I always felt so grounded following each class. She has a way of knowing EXACTLY what you need in each moment and is there to support you throughout your journey! Namaste!


Rhoda Hamilton 
June 2, 2018 
I love this woman! She is an amazing instructor who helps people understand that yoga is for EVERYONE, that your practice is on the mat not in your head, that every day is different so be kind to yourself, and most of all her love and compassion are endless. If you have the opportunity (privilege) to practice with her, you are lucky. Namaste, my friend!


Amare Jampani 
May 25, 2018
Love the class!! Ms. Grissell is so inspiring!! I have joined this class last November and have been continuing since then only because of Ms. Grissell!!! She is very inspirational and it has changed the way I feel and think out side the mat!! She thought not only the poses, also how to be myself!! Now I can see the change in myself the way I handle the situations differently than I was before!!! So thank you Ms. Grissell keep up the good work!!!


Patty Smith 
May 18, 2018
Grissell is a wonderful & intuitive yoga instructor. Each class is unique, yet exactly what I need at the time. I’ve learned so much about how breathing & presence is the gift of yoga. Thanks Grissell & I look forward to growing in my practice. Namaste!


Marcy Hetzler-Nettles 
May 18, 2018 
Yoga with Grissell is truly a treat! Open your mind and follow her cues to find yourself in a complete state of transformation. I am always grateful for the time spent when I give myself the gift of her class. I especially enjoy the mystery of the focus as it is always evolving and she reminds me, we are a work in progress. Thank you for helping me be mindful, present and grateful for each moment.


Tam Trizzle 
May 17, 2018
Grissell and her guiding words really help me relax and focus on my body. She really helps me stay in tune with any limitations my body has and encourages me to push through to make me mentally stronger to handle not only my yoga practice but my every day life.


Anavictoria Espinosa-Campos 
May 8, 2018
Energy, knowledge, and the ability to transmit your thoughts efficiently are some of the qualities of a great leader. Combine those with passion and care, like you do, then you are changing lives. 

When I discovered yoga, I knew it was a discipline that I was going to pursue, with you I found an awareness that goes beyond the practice. I am grateful for every yoga practice, which has given me so much...I am grateful for you!


Tammy Weaks Scullion 
January 7, 2018
Going to Grissel’s yoga class this am is my favorite way of starting my Sunday...


Laura Andújar 
December 7, 2017 
Lovely class for Puerto Rico!! Specially the long yin poses at the end!


Greg Gebhart 
December 7, 2017
North Tampa yogis are very fortunate to have such a great instructor in Grissell! She brings challenging and invigorating vinyasa flows with a strong emphasis on connecting breath to the flow and connecting individual breath into the group energy. Her Yoga United for Puerto Rico event was staged in an amazing space with a deep historical connection to the Tampa area. It was well organized and the practice was full of strength and unity. I look forward to any future events she hosts and encourage other yogis to give her classes a try.


Kristine Gnodle Alexander 
December 7, 2017
I am beyond blessed to have Grissell as a yoga instructor. I also consider her a dear friend. She has a beautiful soul and truly cares about the well being of others.


Detevia Johnson 
December 6, 2017
I attended the Yoga United for Puerto Rico event on Dec 3rd at the Rialto Theater. The event venue itself was breathtaking. Just a simple and open space with tons of natural light. To practice in such a space was a beautiful privilege. The 90min vinyasa flow that Griselle guided us through was a great workout physically as well as mentally. I would be delighted to attend any future events with her and highly recommend it!


Vanessa Gillespie 
September 22, 2017
My experience on the mat... I'm challenged to push myself mentally and physically in equal parts. As I learn to allow my mind and body to work together I feel a happy harmonious balance! Thank You!!! 


Bertram Lewis 
August 29, 2017
Awesome experience practicing with the instructor. She is well organized and cares very much for the student. Her classes are serious and though relaxing, quite intense.


Lisa Moeller Cornelius 
August 29, 2017
Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year's retreat to Costa Rica. However, I have been practicing yoga with Grissell since May 2015. Attending her classes is a major priority in my week. She tells us that her class is a listening class and it truly is. I close my eyes and follow her very explicit directions as I breathe and move through the poses. She offers the perfect balance of guidance and support while making sure we know that it is not about how the poses look...

Boxer Love 
August 28, 2017
I have been practicing with Grissell for over two years. She challenged me to approach my yoga practice in a different way. I learned to embrace that every day on the mat is different and to listen to your body and not your mind. I learned to leave my ego at the door and do what felt right for me and not try to do what the people around me may be able to do that I could not. During her class, that time is for me uninterrupted by work or personal life. I have fallen in love with yoga because it is something I can practice for the rest of my life on and off the mat. Thank you Grissell for this tremendous gift.


Nora Mullen 
August 28, 2017
I have been taking classes with Grissell since she arrived at the wellness center. There is no yoga instructor like her. Best yoga teacher ever!


Tara King-Miller 
August 15, 2017
Griselle's style of teaching is amazing! She helped me to change a lot about the way I think, perceive situations, and get to difficult times with breath. The retreat was beyond words! I highly recommend it!!!


Kristine Mills 
August 13, 2017
Forever transformed with love and guidance! 


Emily Kinsey 
August 12, 2017 · 
Attended hot yoga class at the wellness center in Wesley Chapel. Awesome teacher, and class. Namasté! 


Kris Leavine Macchiarola 
August 9, 2017
Grissell thank you for your amazing spirit and energy that you bring to us during each class. Yoga has changed my life. I've lost 15 pounds, have a ton of energy, have a peaceful mind, and feel the best I've felt in 20 years. Love, love, love your class. Yoga has helped me to be more appreciative of all the good in my life. Thank you!


Lisa Myers 
August 6, 2017
I've been showing up to Grissell's practices for about a year now, and I am hooked. As the name of this page suggests, I am breathing better, I am flowing better, and I am transforming into somebody I really like. If you let it, Grissell's teachings on the mat will stick with you off of the mat, and that's my favorite part. All you have to do is show up. My yoga poses now and my thoughts now are so much stronger than one year ago, and I have Grissell to thank. Her classes are very powerful. I hope to attend a retreat in the near future. The more yoga and the more Grissell in my life, the better.


Crawford Clancy 
August 3, 2017
I attended this years' yoga retreat in Costa Rica. The yoga retreat exceeded my expectations in many ways. The location is breathtaking, peaceful, and full of amazing sounds such as monkeys, birds, wind, rain, waves from the ocean and more.


The mostly vegan food was delicious! I was never hungry, I always went back for seconds, and my body felt great from all the healthy food. Since the retreat, I am incorporating more vegan meals into my diet.


The daily group discussions as well as one-on-one discussions with Grissell was thought provoking, comforting, and provided insight & guidance on & off the mat.


I was grateful for the opportunity to practice twice a day with Grissell. Her instruction always provides me with comfort and an opportunity to heal in a different way. I was challenged on the mat in different ways during the retreat. I identified that meditation is an area of opportunity for me. It's a new challenge and an opportunity for growth. My physical practice was challenged as well which allowed me to feel poses in a new way and accomplish a few goals.

I look forward to the opportunity to attend another retreat which will likely be next year.


Kathy DeBaldo
August 3, 2017
Breathe Flow Transform July 2017 yoga retreat in Costa Rica, was simply put...AMAZING. 
We practiced 2x daily (90 min each class) and had great evening discussions about a book we were all reading,
"Perfectly Imperfect" The atmosphere and food were just a great bonus to the privilege of practicing with Griselle. Definitely recommend future retreats with her.


Rose Marie 
August 1, 2017
I am new to Yoga and feel so fortunate to become a part of Griselle's class. I am amazed at how revitalized I feel when the class is complete. It is an amazing experience to go to her class.


Jun Luo 
July 31, 2017
My wife and I just had our first yoga retreat with Grissell in Blue Spirit, Costa Rica. It was truly an exceptional experience. The Blue Spirit Retreat Grissell loves and chose for her first international yoga retreat is a magical place.

We had yoga practice twice a day in either the Sky Mind Hall or the El Silencio. The view from Sky Mind Hall atop trees is beyond spectacular. It is spacious, breezy and enjoys clear views of lush green mountains, Playa Guiones and the Pacific ocean. It is even better when rain started falling or monkey started howling. Practicing yoga with such sensory overload is the kind of experience one has to be there in person to fully appreciate. The El Silencio studio is almost the opposite. It sits low on a slope leading to the ocean among the forests. Although relatively muted, it made me feel stable, solid and closer to the ground. The earthy smell and the sound when rain hit the forest made practicing yoga there another wonderful experience.

The meal included in the retreat package is quite a nice surprise. The nutritionist/chef created menu is made of mostly fresh veggie and fruits. We had fish three times during our stay. There is no red meat. All meals were tasty and provided plenty of energy for daily yoga practices and excursions. I even worried about eating too much because of the meal was so good. Surprisingly I lost 3 solid pounds after the retreat. That showed the possibilities of eating clean and healthy.

Grissell’s teaching style fits both novice and experienced yogis. In our cohort, we had people that rarely practiced yoga to people that had been practicing many years and are yoga teacher themselves. I believe all were able to practice along and learned something that could be beneficial in their own practice or other aspects of exercises or life situations. It is the perfect blend of “ease and effort”. It was easy for us to quickly start flowing along and also continuously get challenged to test one’s edge and move out of comfort zones.

For anyone who wants to step back from daily routine/hectic schedule to hit the reset button or reconnect one’s mind and body in a meaningful way, I can’t think of a better way than treating yourself or loved ones by going to Grissell’s yoga retreat/vacation.



Lin Zhu
July 31, 2017
This was the first group travel we ever did. Before my husband and I took any trips, I never had any expectations since I wanted to be surprised. This retreat definitely surprised me in many ways. I echo all comments from other fellow yogis. In addition, I would like to mention that there are many daytime activities that can be signed up from the front desk at the retreat, including zip lining, sea/river kayaking, surfing, and waterfall and nature hiking. The retreat also offers various types of massages which you can pamper yourself. Practicing yoga with our beloved Grissell, listening the sound from ocean and jungle, breathing the cleanest and freshest air from nature, eating freshly prepared nutritious food, interacting with the friendliest local people, living in the nature room without TV…this is Pura Vida.


Anissa K. Morris 
July 30, 2017
My first yoga retreat with Grissell Carron was truly an exceptional experience. The week was filled with great people, delicious food, exciting outdoor activities, and of course, lots of yoga. I loved it all.The views from Blue Spirit, not to mention the grounds themselves, are breath taking.

Grissell is a fantastic yoga instructor who embodies the Costa Rican motto "pura vida". Grissell is genuinely concerned about each of her students and his or her journey on and off the mat. Throughout the week she made a point of touching base with each and every student to be sure each was having a good experience and seeing what, if anything, she could do to enhance it.

This yoga retreat enabled me to relax my mind, body and spirit and uncover ways to carry "pura vida" forward. Thank you Grissell. We'll be back next year.


Kelley Wood 
July 30, 2017
I absolutely love Grissell. She is a great yoga teacher who truly cares about her yogis' minds, bodies, and souls. I was privileged to attend her first yoga retreat in Costa Rica. We practiced yoga twice a day, ate amazing vegetarian food, did a yoga book club, and experienced many fun activities sponsored by Blue Spirit. The Sky Studio was probably one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen and was a magical place to practice yoga and listen to the sounds of the rainforest. My husband and I had an amazing time. Of course we also love to practice at the Wellness Center, but this place really helped me do a deep dive into myself and my yoga practice. My husband and I usually do hot yoga 3-4 days per week and it is an awesome workout with an awesome instructor.


Mayte Chavero 
August 3, 2017 
Best Yoga teacher ever, very kind, spiritual and a great human being. 
I am willing to be at next year's retreat with out a doubt!

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